Colouring book “Follow the Whales”

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"Follow the Whales": An educative coloring book made from sustainable Lokta paper, combining art and science in a unique way to inspire children and adults alike. 

Product Information

"Follow the Whales" (Paperback, November 2023, 1st Edition) 

Publisher: Akasha Academy 

Author: Judith Mohren 

Illustrator: Tiia Talvisara  

Reading age: 10 + years
Page count: 24 
Language: English and German (bilingual)

Traditional silkscreen printing on 100 % handcrafted Lokta paper (Nepal).

The Lokta paper pages offer a special coloring experience. The robust and soft paper is ideal for colouring with color pens and pencils. 

Size or Measurements

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Dimensions: 33 cm x 22 cm 

Weight: ~ 300 g 


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Have you ever wondered how whales can help humanity to survive? 

This whale colouring book takes you on a journey into the oceans allowing you to reveal the secret about the fascinating relationship between humans and whales.  

Inspired by the White Lama Tulku Khyungdor Rinpoche this book shows how we and all beings are connected through the basic elements of life - and how we can protect them so that life can prevail on our blue planet for many generations to come. 

Supporting education projects

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All revenues from the colouring book directly support the educational projects of the Akasha Academy in Nepal and Germany. 

Through the practical application of Universal Ethics, young people gain a comprehensive view of the world allowing them to make free choices in life and create a positive change in their surroundings.